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My Experiments with 55 Fiction

55 Fiction is truly a tough job. I struggle hard to keep a ‘Short Story’ within 3000 words, so you can imagine how hard it would be for me to fit a story within 55 words. 😀 But I tried a 55F for BPL, and based on the warm responses and absolutely wonderful encouragement I got from my fellow bloggers, I’ve written a few more.

55 Fiction

Here are 5 of some 55F that I’ve written recently. Hope you have fun.


The Criminal


Struggling with her bags and a baby in hand, she looked around for help. A fine gentleman helped lift the luggage and deposit them on the shelf of the train. “Be careful of thieves” he smiled an advise. She smiled and thanked him for his help… and for his wallet that was in her handbag.


The Alien


They had captured the Alien and were running experiments on it. It had a biological system similar to theirs and was trying to communicate something vocally. They brought in the Translation device.

“Where are you from?” the chief scientist’s voice shouted out of the translator.

The creature listened to it and only said – “Earth”.




She felt his icy cold breath at the back of her neck.

There was a sharp blade pressed against her throat.

She cried, begged for freedom.

“Don’t kill me please” she pleaded. His sinister thoughts were getting the better of him.

“CUT!!!”…the Director yelled, and it was all over… The film crew packed up…


Strange Love


“So where do you stay” Aarti’s chat message got Ranjith excited.

“Lets meet up tonight?” she continued.

Ranjith typed out an affirmation. “Internet Chats with complete strangers does have its plusses.” he mused.

Ranjith did not know 2 things.

One, his internet line was dead since morning. Two, Aarti was dead since 2 years.


The First Time


He breathed heavily. He didn’t want to do it, but he had no choice. He had practiced it hard a hundred times, but it still made him nervous. With no option left, and with a guilt laden heart, he committed his first crime. With trembling hands he put his Father’s initials in his Report Card.



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