She, Me, And A Love Story

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They say, Love is hopelessly blind,
A feeling that can make you laugh and cry.
I thought, these words, belonged to love songs, alone,
Until, that day, I saw her pass me by.

I considered myself a bad, ‘Accidental Poet‘,
So bad, that I made ‘site’ rhyme with ‘with’.
But this time I confess, this was no accident,
It was she who made me a full-fledged lyricist.

It was purely, Love at First Sight,
When I saw her, and fell in love, sometime back.
But not surprisingly, I wasn’t her only admirer,
I was the proverbial – ‘Needle in a Haystack‘.

I’ve seen her, going out with other men,
And my poor heart, skipped a beat, each time.
A dark cloud of gloom, crept over my tiny heart.
But deep inside I always knew, she was going to be mine.

There were a few strange ones, who hated her,
A few mortals, who I thought, needed vision correction.
I’ve spent my energy in explaining to that crowd,
That the cutie, that she is, she has no competition.

After a while, I had almost given up,
I was sure on this story, remaining a fiction.
I thought, my love epic had come to a premature end.
But then, science can’t explain the laws of attraction.

And then, that day, she saw me with her big round eyes,
I was head over heels, hopelessly in love again.
Through that thick sheet of glass I could see her smile,
I knew it was time to break open the Champagne.

I asked her for her hand in marriage,
I promised I would take good care of her.
She said nothing, but smiled in affirmation,
And I knew, we’ll be spending our lives together.

I spent a long time convincing my parents,
They thought, she was just too good for me.
She was a spoilt, rich and glamourous girl,
While a plain and simple professional, I was trying to be.

But love, they say, knows no odds,
Opposites attract with brute magnetism.
It is when each partner completes the other,
And Life becomes colourful as light through prism.

Our coming togeter, now had everyone’s approval,
There was still a tiny problem, however.
I still had to take care of the marriage expenses,
And as luck would have it then, I was a pauper.

I didn’t think twice and loaned money from the Bank.
For a rate of interest, that made the Banker smile.
I was doing this for the love of my life,
And I knew, I would be repaying this for a while.

And then one day, it all fell into place,
And the both of us were solemnized in a quiet ceremony.
It happened in her house in a quiet little corner,
She and Me were thus bound in Holy Matrimony.

She was all dressed up, looking beautiful as ever,
While I looked as shabby as I ever could be.
But even then people saw us and remarked,
We looked every bit the couple that we were meant to be.

And finally I took her home, amidst rousing reception,
As friends and family rejoiced, a few had concerns with her colour.
But, deep inside, my love for her had only started growing,
My Little Red Car and Me were just made for each other.



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42 responses to “She, Me, And A Love Story

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  2. Well done. The end had me in splits 🙂 All the best for BPL 🙂

  3. dmanji

    ROFL! I was hunting for the twist and you kept it a suspense till the last line 🙂

    • Sudhakar

      Hey thanks. Couldn’t maintain the suspense too much anyway, as it was already known that this was going to be a Non human story. 😀

  4. Was this an ode to ur car 😀
    the one that you taught uncle to drive in 😉
    careful.. biwi might get jealous 😛

  5. LOL…The Red Car caught me off guard man! Totally unexpected. Nice one!

    Good Luck!


  6. Very clever bit with red car ending…well done!

  7. Omg.yet an another story wit a twist.never thought it would be a

  8. what a post sirji..had me in splits when I read it the first time..and didn’t mind laughing again 😀

  9. RSV

    two of tiger trails with two posts?
    post factory?

    • Sudhakar

      LOL. We had somewhat of a crisis with couple of our players not playing. Hence we had to chip in with 2 posts each. 🙂

  10. Madhu

    LOL!!!!!!!! gud one dude..

  11. Nicely written but the topic gave away the twist. Though one could not guess it was a car. I don’t think there was any clue either in the poem to guess it. It was written as if it was for a woman only.

  12. Sudhakar

    Thanks. The problem was that it was written under a non-human love story. If I was allowed to not reveal that, then the effect might have been better. 😉 But trust me, look again, and you’ll find it was written with a car in mind. 😉 (My Maruti Suzuki Swift to be exact.) 😀 (Eg. she said nothing, big round eyes, some don’t like her, the bank loan thing, etc etc…) 😉

  13. PNA

    thick sheet of glass I could see her smile Lol!

    That car pic gave u away Sudhakar !! But such love,
    And they had a prob with her colour is it… haaa haa:)

    …..pauper boy falling for a glamorous rich girl, pakka bollywood style and all 🙂

    • Sudhakar

      He he…. 😀
      Lot of people thought I was crazy to pick red that time. But then, I guess acceptance set in. 😀
      Thanks. 😉

  14. I was so hoping someone would write a poem for the love story and you did it and man lol… at the end u had me in splits… brilliant! Thats all I can say…


    • Sudhakar

      Thanks Tavish. It just came out better as a poem. But I had my doubts if it would create the same impact. Apparently it’s worked a bit, I guess. Thanks man.

  15. Well thought, mate!

  16. Hehe.. you are good at adding a twist at the end. You fooled me with this one too 😀 Never expected that “she” would turn into a car 🙂 Good one!

  17. Wonderful post!!
    Can’t help laughing 😀

  18. Congratulations – i thought this was a difficult topic.

    • Sudhakar

      Thanks. It was indeed. Wrote a couple more, and rejected them, picking this one. Guess being light hearted helps. 😉

  19. Alphs

    hehehe 🙂 good one!
    but why don’t I see a “Just married” sign on the car? 😛

  20. Totally caught by surprise at the last line. Actually, reread it because I thought I read it wrong! And the penny dropped with the picture..

    “A non-human love story” was it? Fortunately or unfortunately, I wasn’t aware of that. Really good one this! 🙂

    The fact that its a true story just brings in the “awwww” factor. 🙂

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