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He stood there in the shadows, hidden away from all
Time stood still, with a bruised knee, he hid in the dark.
And as light of the day faded, silence echoed in the night.
You’d hear no soul, except hushed beats of a scared heart

His heart nursed a fear that his mind was aware of,
But he fought with that and stood his ground.
He wiped that stream of sweat with his dirty hands,
But he made no sound lest he would be found.

With each beat of footsteps he heard them coming for him.
He prayed to the almighty like he had done never before.
But nobody knew where he had hid himself that night.
And that was exactly what he had hoped fervently for.

He stood there motionless, while time flew by.
They hadn’t found him yet, that gave him immense joy.
He couldn’t afford to be found, not this time atleast.
There was a lot at stake, it was part of a ploy.

And then at last, his stiff, hidden body relaxed,
He sighed relief and rubbed his knee he had scraped.
He heard faint cries of “You’re it!” from his friends far away,
And ran to them with a smile, proud of having escaped.


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