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Are your replies to work emails dependent on the designation of the Sender?

Sending emails. One of those things that any employee does more than, perhaps actually working. 🙂

But then, do you treat all emails equally? I am sure the answer is a resounding ‘No‘.

Spam is usually relegated to the Spam bots to be moved away to a separate folder. And even if some find their way to your inbox, they are often treated with utter disdain, or in other words, Shift + Delete.

Corporate communication, unless it has the magic words like ‘promotion’, ‘compensation’ or ‘reorganization’, are often given only a few microseconds of eye time, before being ignored for eternity.

But what about emails from your colleagues? What do you usually do with them. I hate to generalize, but let me be blunt and tell you what most of us would do.

1. If the email is from your supervisor, or from someone whose designation trumps yours, then I bet all attention is given to the email, and a response is sent in the shortest time possible to respond.

2. If the email is from someone in the same rank as you, then usually the response is on a need basis, sometimes even depending on how you are feeling that day. 🙂

3. If the email is from someone whose designation is lower than yours, then more often than not, that email is parked somewhere, to be responded sometime later, like when your workload is light, or when you need to take a break, or maybe until the next ‘Gentle Reminder’, or two.

4. If the email is from someone you don’t know, then it is a whole different story. Let’s be honest. How many of us have right clicked on the sender’s name, tried to find the designation of the sender, who they report to, and if ‘the coast is clear’ relegate it to the state of ignorance, for eternity.

4.a. Sometimes, that random sender does play the game a little smarter, and makes sure to copy your supervisor in the email being sent. This does help in some instances when at least the email is given a little bit of more respect (as in point 1), but often gets a response only if the supervisor follows up on the email.

So my question is, why are we so ‘racial’ to emails, and why do we treat them so differently? Isn’t it just another window into how we are, and our behavior in real life? A question is a question. To answer or not, should not depend on who is asking the question. I’ve always believed if there is a direct question to you, it is always good manners to at least acknowledge the sender. You may be between something, and may not be able to get to the email immediately. But just sending out, “I will get back to you on this shortly”, sometimes makes a world of difference.

Respond to all the emails, no matter who sends them. It’s not just a good idea. It’s the right thing to do. 

So, the next time when you get an email that needs your response, and you know that you out-rank the sender and chose to ignore it. Or if you are itching to right click on the name and see what the sender’s designation is and who they report to. Think about this, there may be a time when you may need to urgently reach out for responses from colleagues who out-rank you. However high you are up on the corporate ladder, there will always be someone above you, who you may need to email and expect a time-sensitive response. And by the sheer law of physics, what goes around, comes around.

And Karma, as they say… Well you know what I mean. 🙂

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The Facebook Patriot!

Listen to us, We’re The Facebook Patriots…
Here we are, revelling our Independence Day.
Before we hit ‘Like’ or ‘Share’ this on our wall.
Care to listen to what the Indian in us would say?

Tricolor on our chests, joy and fervor in our hearts.
It used to be a matter of real pride celebrating This day.
Videos of patriotic songs, photoshopped posters on Facebook.
15th August, today means ‘Chak De India’ on the bluray.

We curse the rising price to buy life today.
Post information comparing petrol prices around the earth.
And yet when it comes to us, are neither judicious nor wise.
Expensive cars, fast bikes, we spend our life in mirth.

And why shouldn’t we, for we earn in a year, and spend,
What our parents spent their enitre lifetime to save.
That thing called inflation, may have gone through the roof.
And yet we go on treats, and needless parties rave.

We curse the Government and pity the weakening Rupee.
And yet secretly smile at the exchange rate.
For we buy home plots, and build swanky flats,
With money in the U.S, we pray for the Dollar to inflate.

We only shake our heads at the soldier dying on the border.
Blame the ‘soft’ Government on not taking a stand.
But the usually mute, get vociferous on Facebook timeline,
When a 3 hour movie doesn’t release on the day it was planned.

We ask for a separate state as if it were a piece of cake.
And burn the country for it, like a bunch of fools.
And around the time they give in, we yell we don’t want any.
We show our dear politicians how to divide and rule.

We take a special interest to ridicule our Mute hapless PM.
Share posts about ‘The Madam’, ‘Son’ and ‘Son-in-law’ with glee.
We talk about this PM ‘Modi’fication as if some magic wand.
Truth is, not one man, but the whole nation awakening is the key

We see our sisters and daughters suffer in silence everyday.
Eve teasing and rapes, we condemn them, we rightfully curse.
On Facebook, we talk about Woman Independence and empowerment.
And yet never realize, just words and inaction is equally worse.

And no, oh Facebook Patriot, I don’t hold this against you.
For we all are travellers on the same sinking boat.
While we may cry, laugh or ridicule at our plight.
Frankly, We know not what to do to keep us afloat.


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A Dozen Red Bricks

A dozen red bricks, on top of his head.
Carried a soul, to earn his daily bread.

His tottering steps, burnt dark in the sun.
The bricks were laid, his job was done.
A shadow waved on his face, a wave of respite.
He pulled his weary head up, with all his might.

In a distance, on a pole, newly painted white.
Fluttered the tricolour, oh what a pretty sight.
‘Twas a sight to behold, what the poor soul had seen.
A proud wave of the banner, in Saffron, White and Green.

A smile showed his lips, and then faded away.
He thought to himself, what was he today?
Only then he then realized, his country was free.
And had been so, for long, he realized – years Sixty Three.

This freedom was a gift from his father too.
A freedom fighter, his stories he always knew.
In a way, like his father, he was a fighter as well.
His father fought the British. He fought poverty’s spell.

He saw near the pole, in whites, people, very few.
Dragged out of their beds, their faces rue.
None seemed to realize, what the day actually meant.
They hoisted the flag, and back home they went.

An ignorant world, locked up in their homes,
Stuck to their TVs, and their cushioned thrones.
He wondered why, only he had to work today,
Where was his freedom, on Independence Day?

He realized soon, he was much better than them.
Among heaps of coal, a rare polished gem.
Although to poverty and despair, he had succumbed,
He harbored a heart, that understood freedom.

He had no money, he had no wealth,
But he was free to do, what he felt.
His country didn’t give him much, he did confess.
But freedom was his wealth, which he did possess.

And he carried on with his chore for the day.
He wanted to do something for his country, his way.
He knew no miracles, to make it quick.
So he built his country, brick by brick.

A dozen red bricks, on top of his head.
Carried a soul, to earn his daily bread.


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Hey There! You Idiot!!

Team This post has been published by me as a team member of Tiger Trails Team for the SUPER 5 round of Bloggers Premier League (BPL) – The first ever unique, elite team blogging event in the history of blogging world. To catch the BPL action and also be part of future editions and other contests, visit and register at Cafe GingerChai

“Hey there, you Idiot”, shouted the Big, Fat, Guy.
“I hope you’re happy with the pain you’ve caused?”
“Who me? What did I do?” asked that skinny, grinning Creature.
Who was busy spewing smoke around, before he paused.

“Oh nothing much, dear friend,” said the Big, Fat, Guy.
“Except you’ve put a mighty big hole in my underwear.
And I know for sure, you wouldn’t know how much it hurts.
Till you are fried in the summer sun, with your bottoms bare.”

“Hey, you haven’t been too kind either”, he argued with him.
“You’ve made all of us suffer a lot with your mood swings.
Hope you remember the times when you spit acid at us.
And your severe gas problem lately, that clipped our wings.”

“I stay mute, when you shamelessly steal from my pockets.
When your deadly farts give me a fever that never ends.
With the dirt you rub at me with each passing day.
I’ll have to take the occasional shower to make amends.”

“I’ve built you shelter, with the threads from my coat.
Hey I’ve been giving you free meals for all your life.
You’ve never thanked, but have stripped and disrobed me instead.
If only you could learn to control your insatiable appetite.”

“You feed me stuff that my body cannot digest.
You never know the worth of water till the well is dry.
You pour poison into my veins and look the other way.
Smear oil in my eyes, and expect me not to cry?”

“I trusted you with my precious pets, but you’ve killed them all.
And the woods are devoid of the beautiful creatures few.
When will you realize you are in the eye of this storm?
Not just a passenger of this relationSHIP, you are my crew.”

“I’m not your past inheritance; I’m borrowed from your future.
I’m a tiny part of a vast family of millions, be warned.
You are killing a million dreams, and spitting on God’s face.
My family has many dead, some living, and millions unborn.”

“I’m getting pretty old, dear boy, I can’t bear your weight.
And multiplying at this rate, you aren’t being too kind.
And then when I give up, don’t blame me in the future.
Don’t blow this one, good homes are hard to find.”

“I do understand”, solemnly, mankind reasoned with him.
“We sit together sometimes and talk of reducing flatulence.
All our Leaders plead support, and fight it out.
Some dress in green, and speak in tones intense.

“Once a year? Your talks are only filled with hot air.
And you fight for your right for passing gas.
That gives you a right to fight amongst you again.
If only you could think of eating right, alas.”

There is a limit to the suffering that I can take
Hope you realize it soon, its kind of getting late,
Mend you idiocy, or I’ll have to fix it for you.
My health, fitness and well-being decides your fate.

The gentle evening breeze, the sweet smell of wet earth,
This beautiful life, imagine if it disappeared, God forbid,
You are too dumb to think of you, but think of your children,
I might not be around long enough to play with your kids,

A young, innocent voice, chipped into the somber chat.
“I won’t let it happen again”, a little kid did cry.
“I apologize for mankind. You know, how big a moron he’s been.
I promise to take care of you, give me another try.”

And then the aging big guy, looked up, nodded and smiled,
Looked at the future, in the little blue eyes of his new, little fan.
A better tomorrow rested on his tender, little shoulders,
And he hoped that hope survives, within the Father of the Man.

— x —


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Reservation Road

Hey there. Happy Women’s Day Ladies. Hope you enjoyed the day. All of you are Rock Stars. Period. Did you read my tiny, little tribute to you guys on your day. I know it was the 8th of March yesterday, but honestly, I was more excited about the Oscars than about Women’s Day. 😉 But then even the Oscars turned out celebrating Women’s Day with Kathryn Bigelow becoming the first woman in the history of the Academy to win the coveted Best Director trophy. Though, I have my reservations about the winners of the Oscars this year, I think that could be reserved for a separate post. We are here to discuss ‘Reservation’ of a different kind.

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If you’ve seen the news channels, you would have guessed where I am coming to. Yes the 33% Women’s Reservation Bill, that led to some unruly scenes at the floor of the house where it was tabled yesterday, and which has been passed successfully in Rajya Sabha today. A landmark move, no doubt, for a bill that has been a topic of debate in the country for some time now.

Lets face it, we’ve grown up with this bill as part of our lives someway or the other. I remember debate competitions held in school and college on this very bill. It has had a staunch number of supporters and an equal number of opposers from the time our former Prime Minister Deve Gowda proposed it to Parliament way back in 1996. It has been brought to the floor several times earlier as well, but has never been passed. It passed its first test today in RS.

All right, so what does the Bill seek to provide? Well quite simply what it says. The Bill, if passed, would reserve one third, of the total seats in national, state, local Governments exclusively for Women. This would aim to involve Women where it truly natters. In the matters of running the country.

But then comes the most important question. Is this Bill really necessary? Before I present my argument, let me state, that I have immense respect for women and think they are no less than men . And perhaps, that is the main reason that I find this bill utterly unnecessary. Women have excelled in various spheres of life. They run huge corporate houses, run political parties, excel in every field imaginable, fight battles on the field, do everything that a man can do. But they have not done that with reservation backing them. They’ve done it on their own, on their own merrit, their own hard-work, which is why I respect them and celebrate their success. But when they have a quota backing them, my respect diminishes almost immediately.

The 33% quota is already in effect in Panchayats. And how many times have we seen a famous ex minister or local bigwig, run the show, making his wife/daughter as a puppet Panchayat Chief. There may be exceptions, but the general scenario is the same. And like some parties argue against the bill, it has potential to be misused. They argue that reservation would only help women of the elitist groups to gain seats, therefore causing further discrimination and under-representation to the poor and backward classes. Valid point if you ask me.

We are a far more open society now, which does not see women as weak or those who require a man’s support to excel. Why then insult them with a ‘reservation’ Bill when they are much more capable to function without one. My honest opinion would be to provide more platform for women to compete with men on equal grounds. Because ‘Reservation’ in my opinion, does nothing to liberate women. It just gives another excuse, to portray women as the weaker sex, which needs a quota system to keep them in the race. Believe me, women are much more powerful than this bill makes them out to. Reservation in any form is anti-democratic in my opinion. Why have a reservation at all? Why not ask the parties to field women candidates in equal measures and ask them to contest elections like an equal? That would make more sense to me.

But before you dismiss me as an anti-feminist, this, of course, is only my humble opinion. I would love to hear your views on it as well. Perhaps someone can convince me otherwise.

But inspite of all that, today is a landmark day indeed. Historic, no doubt. But necessary? I really don’t know. 🙂


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Asal pain in the ‘Thala’

Mr Ajith Sir,

We know you love your shades and expensive coats. We saw enough of that in Billa. But trust me. After a while, it gets boring. 🙂

We know that you love to change your getups in movies. But we just couldn’t look at your face, past the dark smoke of your cigars, that hideous beard-mush combo and those extra large shades.

We know the producers are quite a well to do family of Tamil Cinema, but that doesn’t mean you needed to ground your story in France and spend a million Euros on showing that you can. “Enna Kodumai Producer Sir idhu?”

We know you like to walk in slow motion, but why did you fight in fast-forward?

We know you can’t dance for a million bucks, then why even try?

We’ve seen ‘Red’, and that’s why I appreciate your ‘power of silence’ in this movie.

We know you have a head, and you are a Tamil actor. Why then sir, do people keep calling you ‘Thala‘. It gives a serious Thala Vali after a point.

We know that the director made some good movies with you earlier. But he also made this blockbuster called ‘Modhi Vilayaadu‘ recently, which when premiered on Vijay TV, people prefered to sleep.

We read that you wrote the story/dialogs for the movie. I bet it was the silent parts.

We know this movie is a James Bond-ish wannabe, but fails miserably. And I loved it so much that I left it midway.

Mr Ajith Sir, semma comedy sir neenga. If you make a good film soon, I promise I’ll try to watch it completely next time.

Watch out sir, films like these make me want to make a Tamil Padam 2 soon. And there are people out there in Kollywood with the exact same thought in their mind and more money than me. 😀

Asal - Thala Vali


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I am an Indian, And I am sick of Terrorism

Tonight’s terror attack in Pune, has made me angry. Very very angry. And I’m sure the entire country echoes the same sentiment.

What happened was atrocious, and inhuman. But, like every other Indian, I am getting sick and tired of these dastardly acts of cowards. I can almost see the chain of events that will be played out now. News channels with expensive graphics and sombre music, will run the cover story for some days, non-stop. A few channels will claim “we told you first”. The police will tell the Home Ministry, that “we warned you earlier”. Government will say they did not. They will find a Pakistani hand. Pakistan will look the other way. Soon we will have a comission set up to investigate the blasts. They will find clear evidence of the Pakistani hand. Pakistan will say, its not a hand at all. There will be heated debates in TV. US will say that it will support the War on Terror totally, but will still supply arms to Pakistan which it will use against India. After a few months, tension will simmer down. Pakistan will Invite us to dialog, and cry as to why we won’t have their team play in India. Some media company will launch an ‘Aman ki Aashaa’ Campaign. India will say, “Okay boss. Lets think of dialog.”

Dialog? What dialog. Its about time we acted. And I’m sure everyone will speak the same tone, for some time atleast. And then finally, we’ll forget everything, until the next bomb goes off somewhere. Will we act only when these maniacs blast us to smitthereens. We’re stuck in a bloody loop. A bloody loop of Terrorism, Politics and Fear. Its time to break free, or die trying. Because if we don’t, we are going to be killed by the next bomb anyway.

But what’s the use. No one’s listening.

I am an Indian, And I'm sick of Terrorisn

I'm an Indian, And I'm sick of Terrorism


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