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Day 8: Why I’m Excited About: Iraivi

Karthik Subbaraj had become my favorite director even before he had directed his first feature. His short films have had a cult following, ever since he made them for the ‘Naalaya Iyakkunar’ contest in Kalaignar TV. In fact, I was so impressed by his ‘Thuru‘, that I rewrote the short film as a short story in English – ‘A Trunkload of Love‘. I had said then, that this guy was going to redefine Tamil cinema, if given a chance… And then, he did…

His Pizza was a brilliant con film, disguised as an average horror flick. His Jigarthanda was a great comedy film, disguised as a brilliant gangster flick. And that is why, I had no idea what to expect from his next – Iraivi.

Ever since the teaser premiered with Santosh Narayan in top notch form in the background, my expectations have quadrupled. I do not want to speculate on the plot as I know the movie will surprise me no matter what I think. But with Vijay Sethupathi, SJ Suryah and Bobby Simha in the capable hands of Karthik Subbaraj, I expect no less than magic.


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Day 7: Addicted


Reni could not keep her eyes open any longer. Sleep was looming over her pile of urgent work. She could only go on if she had it.

She was addicted to it, it was her life.

But then, everything she had feared, had come true.

The coffee flask was Empty… The coffee pods were Out of Stock…

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Day 6: Sleep


A routine to some, an occasion to a few…

During night to some, during day to a few…

A relief to some, a release to a few…

Medicine to some, pain to a few…

Sold in bottles to some, stored in books for a few…

End of day to some, end of life to a few…

“Sleep to dream” to some, “Sleep, a dream” to a few…

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Day 5: Zapped!


Aarthi looked at the door for a while. Opening it wasn’t going to be easy in this weather.
It wasn’t going to kill her, but she still could not do it.
She tapped quickly on the metal bar hoping it would fix it.
A faint jolt of static plunged through her body.
She had been Zapped!


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Day 4: The Destroyer

The Destroyer

It was taking shape, he was finally making progress. He’d spent a lot of time on it. Unbeknownst to him, there was someone else interested too. Just as he turned to pick a piece from the floor, the little figure tore it down and sat there giggling. He cried:

“Mom… Siddu destroyed my Lego building again….”
Created by MDKGraphicsEngine - Licensed to LEGO System A/S

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Day 3: Monday


Butterflies in the stomach, legs weak at the knees.
Eyes rested, and yet not too keen to open up and see..
A languid mind, not yet ready to endure another week…
No age absolved, no vocation let go….
That devil – Monday, doesn’t spare any soul…..


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Day 2: DIY – Smartphone Hologram

DIY – Smartphone Hologram

While browsing through some posts on Facebook, I came across this video, and was blown away by how spectacular it looked and how simple it sounded…

I decided to give it a try.

I cut out 4 Trapezoids on a clear plastic board with a craft knife and taped the sides together to form a shape like below. I doubled the sizes to 2cm, 12cm, 7cm, because I was going to use an iPad.


Search on Youtube for Hologram videos. (I personally liked the butterfly and the fireworks). Place the narrow end of the pyramid at the center of the video. Switch off the lights for a better effect. Enjoy your Hologram. 🙂

If you try this, do let me know how it turned out.

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Day 1: 55F – A New Beginning

55F – A New Beginning

He stood there for a while, staring at all the others staring back at him. It had been a while since he was there; since they were there. He looked around to find an empty spot, but he knew it would be tough on the first day of the year. Resolutions usually broke by Mid-January.

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