Auto Domination

I am usually at my chirpiest, cheeriest best on Sunday mornings. But this Sunday was different. Very different. With a heavy heart I descended downstairs. I had been ordered to…

Amidst the morning chirp of birds and a gentle cool breeze, with trembling hands I opened the gate. She stood there, pretty as ever, smiling at me with her beautiful eyes. I still loved her, she did too. But I also hoped that she would forgive me for what I was about to do. I had second thoughts about doing it, but I could feel the eyes watching me from the window warning me of the repercussions if I did not. Hesitantly I walked towards her. I looked around to make sure that no one was watching me do this. I stepped up and in the next couple of minutes, left a scar on her which was unbearable to see.

My wife watched me from the balcony and smiled. It sounded like a sinister yell of “You’re mine now…” I was shattered.

There is nothing which dents a motor-head’s ego more than 2 pieces of red tape and the english alphabet synonymous with ‘L‘osers.

Her Auto Domination was complete… 😦



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8 responses to “Auto Domination

  1. karthikeyan

    you rock sudhakar!!!!!
    kadaisiya potuteengala ‘L’ board ah 🙂

  2. Arun

    hyuk hyuk!
    tip of the iceberg my friend…
    don’t let this dent you! :p

  3. Good one maite… Neenga kathukittapo kooda L board podaliye 🙂

  4. Super duper post!! A sequel to your love letter post for BPL, eh?

  5. Sathish

    OMG… I haven’t done that yet… But it hurts to drive around with the L board, ain’t it?

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