Guardian Angels

I wrote this poem in March 2008 on the occasion of Women’s Day. Felt compelled, to repost it today.


You gave me life, you brought me into this world,
Enduring pain that no other mortal could bear.
You cared and loved me like no one ever could,
You quitely shed a tear when I wasn’t near.

You made me the man, that I’m now.
And I would owe everything I have, to you forever.
I wondered where you got all that strength and love.
You’re a goddess, but you chose to be called a Mother.

– To a Mother an Angel, a Woman


I’ve broken a few of your Barbies myself,
And hid a few other dolls when you broke my bike,
Although I feel embarassed to admit it,
Those imaginary tea parties were the best ones in my life.

Oh those days of fighting, about whom mom loves more,
Pulling hairs, and throwing pillows at one another
The world thinks, that its fight, that we do best,
But only we know how much we love each other.

– To a Sister – an Angel, a Woman


You came as a stranger, and became my life,
You held my hand for eternity,
You walk by my side, as a constant companion,
And promised to love me unconditionally.

You work at office, you work at home,
You stay busy when the rest of the world is free,
You’re a Manager, Counsellor, Friend and Critic,
They say men are stronger, but I disagree.

– To a Wife – an Angel, a Woman


You are the happiest when I succeed,
And the first one to tell me when I’m wrong,
You pull my ears when I do something naughty,
And listen to my non-sense all day long.

You tell me all your secrets, and I trust you with mine,
And I can tell you about my latest crush without fear,
With you around, I am never alone,
You are always there to wipe that tear.

– To a Friend – an Angel, a Woman


A woman, I believe, was created with care,
God indeed took that bit of extra time.
A big heart, strong mind, in an aura of splendidness,
An embodiment of brains and beauty, Oh Woman, you are divine.


Here’s wishing all the women of the world –

A Very Happy Women’s Day!

😎 You girls rock! 😀


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4 responses to “Guardian Angels

  1. Rupesh Dubey

    Hi Sudhakar,

    Really gr8 poem!! sweet and simple.

  2. Sudhakar

    @Rupesh – Thanks man. 🙂

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  4. Bala V

    Great Machi…Kalakki…

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