Asal pain in the ‘Thala’

Mr Ajith Sir,

We know you love your shades and expensive coats. We saw enough of that in Billa. But trust me. After a while, it gets boring. 🙂

We know that you love to change your getups in movies. But we just couldn’t look at your face, past the dark smoke of your cigars, that hideous beard-mush combo and those extra large shades.

We know the producers are quite a well to do family of Tamil Cinema, but that doesn’t mean you needed to ground your story in France and spend a million Euros on showing that you can. “Enna Kodumai Producer Sir idhu?”

We know you like to walk in slow motion, but why did you fight in fast-forward?

We know you can’t dance for a million bucks, then why even try?

We’ve seen ‘Red’, and that’s why I appreciate your ‘power of silence’ in this movie.

We know you have a head, and you are a Tamil actor. Why then sir, do people keep calling you ‘Thala‘. It gives a serious Thala Vali after a point.

We know that the director made some good movies with you earlier. But he also made this blockbuster called ‘Modhi Vilayaadu‘ recently, which when premiered on Vijay TV, people prefered to sleep.

We read that you wrote the story/dialogs for the movie. I bet it was the silent parts.

We know this movie is a James Bond-ish wannabe, but fails miserably. And I loved it so much that I left it midway.

Mr Ajith Sir, semma comedy sir neenga. If you make a good film soon, I promise I’ll try to watch it completely next time.

Watch out sir, films like these make me want to make a Tamil Padam 2 soon. And there are people out there in Kollywood with the exact same thought in their mind and more money than me. 😀

Asal - Thala Vali


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4 responses to “Asal pain in the ‘Thala’

  1. heh heh ! hilareview! 🙂

    thala pola varuma? pona thala vali varume !

  2. I am amazed that this man makes utterly boring and completely compelling (to leave the hall) dialogue deliveries and there are still producers to make movies for him.

    Nice guy. Bad actor.

    I wish there are more kadhir-jeeva type movies which at least carry a bunch of sweet scenes and nice looking heros who can churn liveable performances.

  3. Sudhakar

    @Arun – ROFLMAO. Thala vali dhan varum. 😀

  4. Sudhakar

    @Ashwin – Very well said. I like the guy more off camera. He seems a wonderful family man and a guy without too much bandha around him. But on screen, its quite the other way round isn’t it?

    And I’ve really liked the subtleness of Jeeva’s movie. Well atleast until Dhaam Dhoom, which I bet he would have made much better had he taken it through before his end. And Kadhir… well… 😉

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