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My Name is… Well you know…

Lets get this straight. Not everyone can make a classic like Forrest Gump. Shahrukh is no Tom Hanks. And no matter how different it is from his mushy movies of yore, it is still a Karan Johar movie. But having said that, My Name is Khan works, and has its moments.

I have always considered Shahrukh more as a star than an actor. The only couple of exceptions perhaps being Swades – where he showed considerable maturity as an actor (and maybe, perhaps why the film bombed), and to some extent, Chak de India. Ok, perhaps even Dil Se, if you point a gun at me. His performance in MNIK may creep into this list of mine with time. There are some scenes where he is utterly believable as an Asperger’s Syndrome affected person. But there are some scenes, which seem contrived. But then, we’ve come to live with that, haven’t we?

Kajol breathes life into the role of a single mom with conviction, and aces her ‘Mandira’. There are some big actors, who have been wasted in insignificant roles. And, is the president in the end supposed to be Obama? Yeah, right. 😀

The movie works well in most parts. The SRK-Kajol Chemistry rocks. The little, innocent, one liners, do bring on a smile. It tries hard to puncture those tear glands, and even works some times. But it ends, IMHO, in a tad filmy note.

But what else do you expect, its a Karan Johar movie. I’m sure MNIK will have a lot of people squealing at the greatness of SRK, and it will set the cash registers ringing. But my honest opinion is that the movie, and SRK, could indeed have been better.

And no, I’m not going to end with a ‘My name is…’ joke. I’m tired doing that all day.

My Name is Khan – And I could have been better


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I am an Indian, And I am sick of Terrorism

Tonight’s terror attack in Pune, has made me angry. Very very angry. And I’m sure the entire country echoes the same sentiment.

What happened was atrocious, and inhuman. But, like every other Indian, I am getting sick and tired of these dastardly acts of cowards. I can almost see the chain of events that will be played out now. News channels with expensive graphics and sombre music, will run the cover story for some days, non-stop. A few channels will claim “we told you first”. The police will tell the Home Ministry, that “we warned you earlier”. Government will say they did not. They will find a Pakistani hand. Pakistan will look the other way. Soon we will have a comission set up to investigate the blasts. They will find clear evidence of the Pakistani hand. Pakistan will say, its not a hand at all. There will be heated debates in TV. US will say that it will support the War on Terror totally, but will still supply arms to Pakistan which it will use against India. After a few months, tension will simmer down. Pakistan will Invite us to dialog, and cry as to why we won’t have their team play in India. Some media company will launch an ‘Aman ki Aashaa’ Campaign. India will say, “Okay boss. Lets think of dialog.”

Dialog? What dialog. Its about time we acted. And I’m sure everyone will speak the same tone, for some time atleast. And then finally, we’ll forget everything, until the next bomb goes off somewhere. Will we act only when these maniacs blast us to smitthereens. We’re stuck in a bloody loop. A bloody loop of Terrorism, Politics and Fear. Its time to break free, or die trying. Because if we don’t, we are going to be killed by the next bomb anyway.

But what’s the use. No one’s listening.

I am an Indian, And I'm sick of Terrorisn

I'm an Indian, And I'm sick of Terrorism


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